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Antique Large Dining Tables - 3m +

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Antique Large Dining Tables - 3m +

Large Oak French Farmhouse Table

£12,000 Ref 596

Large 18th Century Oak/Ash Farmhouse Table

£9,000 Ref 589

Large monastery table

£4,800 Ref 472

Large Maple Dining table

£4,500 Ref 1000

Large Antique Cherry Double Extending Table

£5,400 SOLD RESERVED Ref 582

Magnificent Figured Ash Two Plank Top Refectory Table

£38,000 SOLD RESERVED Ref LL23

19th Century 4 Metre Dining Table


Large 19th Century Rustic Pale Oak Dining Table

£7,000 SOLD RESERVED Ref 533

Late 19th Century Solid Walnut Large Farmhouse Table

£6,900 SOLD RESERVED Ref 527 b

18th Century Oak Farmhouse Table

£5,950 SOLD Ref 514

19th Century Cherry Double Extending Farmhouse Table

£4,800 SOLD Ref 454

19th Century Large Farmhouse Table

£5,400 SOLD Ref 441

19th Century Rare Two Plank Walnut Farmhouse Table

POA SOLD Ref 445

19th Century Large Farmhouse Table

£7,000 SOLD Ref 437

Large Antique Twin Plank Alpine Trestle Table

£4,500 SOLD Ref GSS

This section of antique tables showcases our stock of 3 metre or bigger antique tables. These large 10 feet long antique dining tables (or longer) are ideal as 8 seater dining tables, 10 seater dining tables, 12 seater dining tables or more which are well suited for large get togethers with a larger number of people arpound a big dining table.

These are the ideal large dining tables and our stock includes large refectory tables, antique extending tables, large French farmhouse tables, provincial oak end tables and a number of other such items. Do visit our shop in West Sussex, UK to have a look at all the available items.