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Antique Tables - 1m to 2m

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Antique Cherry Double Extending Table

£4,200 Ref 499

19th Century Chestnut Farmhouse Table

£2,900 Ref 493

18th Century Cherry Farmhouse Table

£2,650 Ref 484

Late 19th Century Cherry Farmhouse Table

£2,600 Ref 466

Late 19th Century Chestnut Farmhouse Table

£2,200 Ref 489

19th Century pale cherry with slide and round legs

£3,300 Ref 478

Vintage Pale Farmhouse Table

£2,900 Ref 476

Cherry Antique Desk/Lamp Table


Oak x shaped frame table

£2,000 SOLD Ref 468

Pale Antique Ash Farmhouse Table

£1,500 SOLD Ref 418

Antique Rustic Pale Cherry Farmhouse Table

£2,900 SOLD Ref 459

Oak Antique French Farmhouse Table

£2,800 SOLD Ref 455

Antique Cherry Tapered leg Farmhouse Table

£2,900 SOLD Ref 442

Antique Pale Ash Farmhouse Table

POA SOLD Ref 450

Antique Oak French Farmhouse Table

£2,800 SOLD Ref 448

19th Century Rare Wide Antique Walnut Table

£4,000 SOLD Ref 449

19th Century Pale Cherry

£3,300 SOLD Ref 446

Antique Cherry Double Draw leaf Table

£4,800 SOLD Ref 428

Antique Trestle Table With Two Half Moon Leaves

£2,500 SOLD Ref 440

Antique Elm Farmhouse Table

£2,600 SOLD Ref 436

Early 19th Century Wide Cherry Farmhouse Table

£2,600 SOLD Ref 408

Elm Normandy Thick Top Pale Rustic Table

£2,500 SOLD Ref 409

19th Century Pale Wide Cherry Dining table

£2,600 SOLD Ref 410

19th Century Cherry Double Extending Table

£4,700 SOLD Ref 404

19th Century Pale Ash Rustic Farmhouse Table

£2,600 SOLD Ref 403

Oak Antique Two Drawer Desk

£2,200 SOLD Ref 396

Elm 19th Century Normandy Three Plank Top

£3,200 SOLD Ref 372

19th Century Cherry Dining Table with Bread slide and one Drawer

£2,850 SOLD Ref 379

Elm Farmhouse Table

£3,200 SOLD Ref 376

Ash Antique Table With One Drawer

£2,800 SOLD Ref 354

Oak Antique French Farmhouse Table

£2,500 SOLD Ref 364

19th Century Ash Farmhouse Dining table with slide

£2,600 SOLD Ref 346

Light elm wood farmhouse table

£2,700 SOLD Ref 2

Rustic cherry farmhouse table

£2,400 SOLD Ref 321

Farmhouse Pale Applewood Dining Table

£1,900 SOLD Ref 305

Oak Antique sideboard / server

£2,200 SOLD Ref 246

Elm Normandy end stretcher table

£3,500 SOLD Ref 204

Oval Country Drop Leaf Table

£2,600 SOLD Ref 973

French Cherry extending farmhouse table

£4,200 SOLD Ref 414

This section features our wide stock of 1 metre to 2 metre antique tables in various woods like cherry, elm, chestnut, walnut, oak and ash tables. These smaller antique tables are best suited for the smaller rooms.

Breakfast tables from the Victorian era are collectable items as they are very stylish pieces with their large round tops and three legs. Made from walnut, mahogany and rosewood these breakfast antique tables will grace any room of the house. These tables will manage to bring in an old world charm which will give an entirely different appeal.