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Antique Chairs & Benches

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10 Antique Lath Back Dining Chairs

£2,600 Ref 952

19th Century True Set of Antique Spindle Back Chairs

£2,400 Ref 1046

A Rare Matched Set of 16 Windsor Draught back Chairs

£8,500 Ref 1028/1032/1040

A Harlequin Set Of 8 Single Draught Back Chairs

£4,100 Ref 1040

A matched set of 8 Windsor Wheelback Antique chairs

£3,000 Ref 1041/1030

Two french Cherry Arm Chairs

£1,500 Ref pat

A set of Eight Oak Rush Seats Chairs

£1,800 Ref js1

Antique Oxford Scroll back chairs

£2,800 Ref 121

Harlequin set of Windsor Wheel back chairs

£3,200 Ref 2018

A set of 6 Dutch hoof 18th century chairs

£2,800 Ref Bgrk

Antique wheelbarrow


Harlequin set of Lathback chairs

£2,200 Ref 957

Antique pale lath back chairs

£1,495 Ref 971 974

Two French Antique upholstered chairs

£1,550 Ref C004

10 spindle back dining chairs


Antique Cherry Benches


Pine Benches

POA Ref no. 14

Antique Chestunut benches

POA Ref no. 13

Two Windsor Antique Carver Chairs

£1,350 SOLD

Two Windsor Antique Carver Chairs

£1,350 SOLD

Bar Back Windsor Chairs

£2,600 SOLD Ref a

English Ladderback chairs

£2,200 SOLD Ref b

A matched set of nine plus one beechwood and elm Windsor chairs, Oxford mid 19th century

£5,500 SOLD

A matched set of 6 Oxford scroll back chairs + 2 carvers

£3,200 SOLD Ref 11

8 Antique Oxford dining chairs

£2,800 SOLD Ref 10

Antique 8 Lath back chairs

£2,200 SOLD Ref 949 946

Antique Windsor Stick back chairs

£4,200 SOLD

two wide elm large benches

POASOLD Ref 992 c

8 Vintage English ladder back rush seats

£1,950 SOLD Ref 991

Eight pale Oxford scroll back chairs

£2,800 SOLD Ref 970 956 950 951

Harlequin set of Oxford scroll back chairs

£3,200 SOLD

4 Huntroyd Dining Chair, Sand

£1,500 SOLD Ref w003

6 Oak & Linen Dining Chairs

£1,800 SOLD Ref w001

A set of 8 Oxford scroll back chairs

£3,600 SOLD Ref Ns01

Antique Windsor stick back chairs

£3,500 SOLD

Antique bar back Oxford chairs

£2,800 SOLD

Windsor Splat back chairs st of 6 plus 2 carvers 20th C

£2,200 SOLD Ref len1

Windsor Stick back chairs 6 + 2 (Carvers)


6 x Spindleback chairs

£1,600 SOLD Ref 954

12 French ladderback chairs

£3,600 SOLD Ref 943

6 French ladderback chairs

£1,200 SOLD Ref 941

Antique Windsor wheelback chairs

£4,200 SOLD

Antique 8 lath back chairs

£2,200 SOLD Ref 937

Antique Chairs
We try to stock a wide range of antique dining chairs including French Dining Chairs, Oak Chairs and Windsor chairs as well as antique stools and benches.

The Windsor chair is recognised as one of the classic designs of English country furniture. Ideal ideal for both traditional or contempory settings and perfect around a country farmhouse table. The style emerged in the early 18th century and they were manufactured in large numbers in the Thames Valley in Buckinghamshire. Windsor was the centre for distribution and this gave the chair its name. Windsor chairs were made in a wide range of styles. There are distinct regional variations from all over Britain and the USA where the form was equally popular.  The styles include slat backs, stick backs, Oxford scroll, hoop backs and Windsor wheel backs.

They were often made by village craftsmen in native woods like elm, ash, beech and yew.  The principle design of the chair is where the legs and the back are both socketed into a solid seat and this form of construction proved so practical and popular that it was widely adopted not only by country craftsmen, but for mass production in factories during the early 20th century.  Windsor chairs are still being made in the traditional way today.  

Whatever style of English Windsor chair you look at there is an undoubted level of craftsmanship involved in its design. The seats are comfortably moulded to provide the best degree of comfort. The spindles on the back of the chair are thin but no less solid for that. Some parts of the chairs are gently curved to provide the distinctive look and feel that is indicative of this design.