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Antique Tables - 2m to 2.5m

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19th Century Cherry Double Extending Farmhouse Table

£4,800 Ref 123

19th Century Elm Farmhouse Table With Square Legs

£3,900 Ref 391

19th Century Rare Wide Antique Walnut Table

£4,000 Ref 449

Antique Ash farmhouse table with stretcher

£3,100 Ref 447

Oval Fruitwood Farmhouse Table

£4,800 Ref 417

19th Century Cherry Dining Table With Slide

£3,300 Ref 268

Two plank Antique Dining Table

£2,850 Ref 300

Antique Pale Ash Farmhouse Table

POA SOLD Ref 450

Antique Oak French Farmhouse Table

£2,800 SOLD Ref 448

19th Century Pale Cherry

£3,300 SOLD Ref 446

Early 19th Century Cherry Farmhouse Table

£4,000 SOLD Ref 435

18th Century Oak Farmhouse Table

£3,900 SOLD Ref 423

Large bleached oak farmhouse table

£3,400 SOLD Ref 425

Late 19th century elm Farmhouse Table

£3,800 SOLD Ref 413

Wide 19th Century Oak Tapered Leg Farmhouse Table

£3,800 SOLD Ref 411

19th Century Pale Wide Cherry Dining table

£2,600 SOLD Ref 410

Rustic Antique Cherry Farmhouse Table with slide

£3,800 SOLD Ref 412

19th Century Elm Farmhouse Table

£4,500 SOLD Ref 406

19th Century Cherry Double Extending Table

£4,700 SOLD Ref 404

19th Century Pale Ash Rustic Farmhouse Table

£2,600 SOLD Ref 403

Vintage Burr Elm Farmhouse Table

£4,800 SOLD Ref 402

Large Oak Dining Table

£4,500 SOLD Ref 390

Antique Chestnut farmhouse table

£2,400 SOLD Ref 399

Large Antique Pine and Elm Farmhouse Table

£1,500 SOLD Ref 968

Large Thick Top Rustic Elm Antique Table

£4,500 SOLD Ref 394

Cherry Refectory Dining Table

£3,100 SOLD Ref MW12

Large Pale Elm French Farmhouse Table With Drawer

£3,800 SOLD Ref 385

Large Thick Top Rustic Wide Elm Table With Four Drawers

£7,000 SOLD Ref 387

19th Century French Farmhouse Table with one drawer

£4,500 SOLD Ref 386

Large Pale Oak French Farmhouse Table

£4,000 SOLD Ref 384

18th Century Oak Antique Dining Table with two drawers

£4,500 SOLD Ref 356

Elm Farmhouse Table

£3,200 SOLD Ref 376

19th Century Elm Farmhouse Table

£4,000 SOLD Ref 375

Oak Antique French Farmhouse Table

£2,500 SOLD Ref 364

Elm French Dining Farmhouse Table

£3,800 SOLD Ref 350

Elm French Dining Farmhouse Table

£4,000 SOLD Ref 345

Farmhouse Pale Applewood Dining Table

£1,900 SOLD Ref 305

19th Century Walnut Dining Table

£3,700 SOLD Ref 299

Antique Refectory Table

£3,000 SOLD Ref 306

18th Century style x-frame wide farmhouse table

£3,500 SOLD Ref 002

6ft 10" Antique Pale oak farmhouse table

£2,950 SOLD Ref 292

Stunning Elm antique farmhouse table with bread slide

£6,000 SOLD Ref 290

Antique Late 19th Century Oak Farmhouse Table

£3,500 SOLD Ref 283

Cherry French Farmhouse Table

£3,500 SOLD Ref 9

Antique Dark 3 Plank Oak Table

£2,800 SOLD

Elm Normandy end stretcher table

£3,500 SOLD Ref 204

Oval Country Drop Leaf Table

£2,600 SOLD Ref 973

At Antique Tables we always have in stock a good variety of 2 metre to 2.5 metre size antique tables and farmhouse tables around 6 feet to 7 feet in length.

Tavern tables with X Frame stretchers and Windsor chairs were often seen in the ale houses and harvest tables and convent tables were used to furnish village meeting halls. At first the provincial tables were simple and rustic with square camfered legs but when lathe turning was mastered by the local carpenters and joiners, simple round turned leg, bobbin, twists and baluster shapes were also used for decoration. Single and double drawer leaf table designs were introduced in France and Italy along with tapered leg kitchen tables.

French provincial antique tables have remained unchanged and the designs are still simple like they have been for centuries. Some have included bread slides, extension leaves and large drawers to replace the dough tables. H-stretchers and end stretcher bases were added for stability. Thick chunky legs with canted corners, delicate tapering or cabriole legs are all incorporated into their designs.

Most of the early refectory tables were made in oak, ash or elm, but examples of chestnut, walnut, pear, apple, cherry and other fruitwoods are also found, especially in France where French Farmhouse tables were made using all the local woods.

Styles and construction of French Country Furniture were very regional. Elm and beech Normandy tables came from Northern France, chestnut and oak tables in Brittany, walnut banquet and chateau tables to the south and pine in the Alps. We have a huge variety available with us. Check out the website for all the available options.