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Antique Dining Tables

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Ash end stretcher

£2,850 Ref 300

Stunning antique elm 4 plank table with round legs

£4,000 Ref 259

Antique cherry single drawer leaf table.

£4,300 Ref 304

Exceptionally rare harvest table

£5,100 Ref B1

Beautiful cherry French farmhouse table with bread slide

£2,900 Ref Sor

Oak rustic farmhouse table

£2,500 Ref 308

Antique applewood French farmhouse table

£2,200 Ref 305

Antique walnut farmhouse table with tapered legs

£3,700 Ref 299

Exquisitely rare original antique walnut French Server

£6,000 Ref 181

Beech antique centre stretcher with gorgeous tactile top

£3,000 Ref 306

18th Century style x-frame farmhouse table

£3,500 Ref 002

Antique cherry 8ft table with drawer and cleated ends

£3,950 Ref 296

Antique oak refectory farm table circa 1840

£2,950 Ref 295

6ft 10" Antique Pale oak farmhouse table

£2,950 Ref 292

Stunning Elm antique farmhouse table

£6,000 Ref 290

Cherry antique French farmhouse table

£1,900 Ref 209

Oak farmhouse table

£3,500 Ref 283

Antique farmhouse table

£5,200 Ref 291

Antique cherry table with bread slide

£2,500 Ref 286

French farmhouse elm table

£3,600 Ref 275

19th Century cherry oval table

£3,100 Ref 277

Very large elm refectory table

£13,500 Ref 0803

An beautiful cherry refectory farmhouse table.

£3,500 Ref 268

Rustic pine round 5ft table on centre pedestal

£750 Ref 099

Antique double drawers table in chestnut

£4,850 Ref 121

Wide Antique Dark Chestnut 2 drawer H - Stetcher with rounded corners

£2,600 Ref IAN

9ft cherry Farmhouse table

£4,300 Ref 242

Antique Pine dining table

£1,700 Ref 213

A lovely dark rustic oak antique table

£3,600 Ref 164

A fantastically large pale Maple Dining table

£4,500 Ref 1000

Oval Country drop leaf table

£2,600 Ref 973

Oak Farmhouse table

£2,875 Ref 987

Cherry Antique Desk/Lamp Table


Antique little elm two plank table

£1,750 SOLD Ref 312

Unusual elm two plank end stretcher 9ft 3" antique table

£4,500 SOLD Ref 298

Wide four plank with one drawer Ash tapered leg farmhouse table

£2,750 SOLD Ref 301

Beautiful rare wild cherry farmhouse table

£3,200 SOLD Ref 303

Antique cherry single extending table

£4,500 SOLD Ref 274

Gorgeous pale antique two drawer server

£1,950 SOLD Ref 208

Oak antique farmhouse table

£4,800 SOLD Ref 287

Antique large ash Normandy farmhouse table

£5,200 SOLD Ref 288

Walnut farmhouse table

£5,200 SOLD Ref 282

Bleached oak double drawer leaf antique farm table

£4,600 SOLD Ref 272

Cherry antique double drawer leaf table

£4,500 SOLD Ref 280

Antique cherry h/stretcher

£4,000 SOLD Ref 258

Large Antique oak double drawer leaf table

£4,800 SOLD Ref 184

8ft Antique cherry French farmhouse table

£3,900 SOLD Ref 260

Rustic refectory elm antique farm house table

£4,850 SOLD Ref 255

Antique French Server

£2,200 SOLD

French Elm H- Stetcher Table

£2,950 SOLD Ref Sat

Antique Dark 3 Plank Oak Table

£2,800 SOLD

A beautiful continental antique farmhouse table

£4,700 SOLD Ref 244

Stunning antique Normandy table

£4,700 SOLD Ref 235

Antique ash trestle table

£4,500 SOLD Ref 228

French beech antique farmhouse table

£4,700 SOLD Ref 235

Antique Oak Rustic Hstretcher farmhouse table

£2,000 SOLD Ref 212

Thick top Beech 8ft antique table

£4,500 SOLD Ref 207

Antique 8 seater farmhouse table

£2,800 SOLD Ref 193

Antique Cherry Cabriole leg table

£4,000 SOLD Ref 176

A wonderful imposing elm refectory table

£6,500 SOLD Ref 190

Antique Blushing Cherry table

£2,200 SOLD Ref 9

A George III Provincial Oak D End Table

£4,700 SOLD

Large Antique Coffee Table

£1,100 SOLD

At Antique Tables we have a varied stock of large and long antique dining tables and farmhouse tables including round, rectangular and oval shaped tables with varying seating capacities such as 8 seater, 10 seater and 12 seater.

Farmhouse tables have evolved over the period of time. The earliest tables were simple boards supported on trestles, called trestle tables. These simple board plank tables had a rustic look and were made using indigenous woods and were of pegged mortise and tenon construction and were later referred to as antique farmhouse tables. The French antique farmhouse table started appearing in England in the 1990s. The tables have basically stayed the same for hundreds of years.

Most tables are a standard height of about 30.5 inches but some allow more leg room than others due to the drawers. The width and length of an antique table may vary tremendously and so you need to consider what kind of table you would want to fit in, a 12 to 14 seater or a smaller one. Extending kitchen tables often provide the answer to those wanting a kitchen table with flexibility.

Each good antique table has its own look and feel. Where possible it is better to visit the showroom to actually see and feel the table before purchasing. Our showroom holds a wonderfully large collection of tables for you to choose from. Our stock is constantly changing. If you are looking for something you don’t find, then please let us know and we can try to find that particular table for you.