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Antique dining tables, farmhouse tables and antique furniture
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Antique Big Tables - 2.5m to 3m

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Antique Chestnut table

£4,900 Ref 332

3m Rustic French farmhouse table

£4,800 Ref 333

Exceptionally large statement Elm Normandy Table

£8,000 Ref 329

3m Chestnut antique large farmhouse table

£5,200 Ref 325

8ft Stunning antique elm 4 plank table with round legs

£4,000 Ref 259

Exceptionally rare harvest antique table

£5,100 Ref B1

Antique oak extending French farmhouse table C1840

£5,000 SOLD Ref 330

French Normandy style farmhouse table

£3,900 SOLD Ref 323

8ft pale antique dining table

£3,000 SOLD Ref 320

8ft antique oak farmhouse table

£4,000 SOLD Ref G99

Stunning Elm antique farmhouse table with bread slide

£6,000 SOLD Ref 290

Elm gorgeous refectory antique farmhouse table

£4,800 SOLD Ref 254

Country Cherry French farmhouse Table with Bread Slide

£3,300 SOLD Ref 245

Wide Oak French Farmhouse Table

£4,800 SOLD Ref 237

Chestnut French FarmHouse Table

£2,800 SOLD Ref 238

Antique oval elm figured table

£5,800 SOLD Ref Oval

Large antique dining table

£5,500 SOLD Ref 232

320cm Large Antique oak 4 plank top with matching benches

£4,200 SOLD Ref 229

Exceptional large Elm table with two wide elm benches

£7,500 SOLD Ref 205

Cherry double drawerleaf Table

£4,950 SOLD Ref 202

Antique Normandy Elm Table

£5,500 SOLD Ref 160

Elm Refectory Table with four drawers

£6,500 SOLD Ref 163

A late 19th Century 2 Plank Elm Table

£5,800 SOLD Ref 162

This category of big antique tables features a wide variety of antique farmhouse tables in size 2.5 metres to 3 metres that is 8 feet to 10 feet wide. These tables are ideal size for those who are looking for old kitchen tables of larger proportions or a kitchen counters.

We also specialize in a variety of other options such as antique occasional tables and antique dining tables in various other sizes. Check out our website for all the available options and also visit us to have a look at all the available items in our extensive repertoire.