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How to maintain your farmhouse table

How to maintain your farmhouse table

Antique French Farmhouse Tables are best known for their rustic charm and the distinct appeal because of their worn down and distressed appearance. Though the appeal lies in the distressed look, there are a few things that you should religiously take care of in order to maintain the rustic appeal as well as the look of the farmhouse.  Antiques are meant to be passed down the generations to come and in order to make sure that they last that long you need to take good care on a regular basis.


Antique farmhouse tables are amongst the sturdiest pieces of furniture and see the maximum amount of versatile uses. These are used as desks, writing tables, other work surfaces and most importantly as dining tables. Maximum care needs to be taken of French country farmhouse tables that are used as dining tables. For the tables that are used as writing desks and the like, a regular dusting for dust and dirt will suffice. But for the ones that are used as dining tables and work spaces, need to be taken special care of.

Dining tables mean frequent spilling of food stuffs and other liquids. These need to be cleaned off promptly in order to avoid permanent stains over a period of time. A distressed look will add to the character, but heavy stains will just make it look like an old piece of waste furniture. For the regular cleaning, you should keep it in mind that you must only use mild furniture cleaners and also avoid excessive use of water while doing so. Try to take as much care as possible when it comes to oily food stuffs as these can spoil the finish very easily. Excessive rubbing while cleaning the tables should also be avoided as much as possible. To maintain the look of your farmhouse tables you can also go for polishing after every few months so that the patina remains great. These are just a few tips that will help you take good care of your refectory farmhouse tables be they of cherry, elm, oak on any other wood.

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