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X Frame Bleached Oak Table

Posted on October 06, 2020

Although they have the most mundane of the uses, a dining table has to be chosen well as it takes centre stage in your dining room or kitchen. Bringing an antique dining table to the mix will further elevate your space while infusing some unique appeal. The beauty of an antique table is anything but mundane, and it brings in a charm, beauty and design aesthetic to a dining space that is unmatched.
Take this stunning and one of its kind dining table, for instance - a beautiful example of an 18th Century Style X Frame Bleached Oak Table. X frame tables are not so common these days and this particular piece from the world of antiques will make a unique and classic inclusion in the décor.
This table provides excellent width, great legroom and will comfortably be able to accommodate 8 to 10 people. The bleached colour tone will make it an easy fit in modern dining or traditional decor too. You can pair it up with a matched set of antique chairs, harlequin chairs or make a contrasting statement with modern chairs in vibrant colours! This simple structure, clean lines and light shade of colour make it a versatile piece of furniture that is very easy to work with.
We have quite a few similar minimalist yet very attractive tables in our collection. Browse through our website to have a look at all the options.