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Why choose a Farmhouse Table instead of a Kitchen Island?

Posted on December 06, 2020

Kitchen islands have been popular forever - for good reason, too!  But a table can also work just as effectively - and look equally as beautiful at the same time.

At Antique Tables, we have an amazing array of robust farmhouse tables worthy of serious kitchen consideration. If required, a little tweaking to a table- top can easily transform an uninspiring surface, enhancing the style of your kitchen for good. Here are some enticing reasons why you should be tempted by a table:

1.    In a contemporary kitchen, a rustic wooden refectory table can add oodles of character. This type of table, although quite large, is a structure that gives a great through view – and the introduction of size and additional length can actually create a feel of more space, rather than less space.

2.    By their nature, kitchen islands tend to be bulky and blocking and they can hog most of your kitchen floor area! A farmhouse table in its place, however, will give you an effective work surface with extra room to spare.

3.    Having an island is a major commitment since it is a permanent fitted fixture. You can’t undo it - or move it - especially if it comes with a sink or a hob. On the contrary, a longish table can be so much more flexible, easily doubling as a dining table, as well as being a convenient workspace.

4.    You can also experiment with styling when it comes to a farmhouse table. They are available in a variety of designs which could be paired with some contrasting seating that might be quirky or dramatic. This will add even more interesting to the look of the kitchen. None of this would be possible with a kitchen island!

5.    For a home that doesn’t have the luxury of a separate dining room, adding a farmhouse table as a focal point for meals is an astute move – creating dining space and a practical work surface at the same time.

6.    A rustic farmhouse table offers you the opportunity to use modern or classic chairs to round everything off. What’s more, antique farmhouse tables are really rugged, so you don’t need to worry about the odd bump or bruise. Actually, little scuffs only add to their character!

At Antique Tables, we always have a beautiful collection of tables - in all shapes and sizes. Have a browse for inspiration!