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What are the Qualities of Walnut Wood?

Posted on July 25, 2022

Antiques Tables is home to some fabulous antique walnut tables. So, we thought, why not put together a piece discussing the many fantastic qualities of this type of wood and what sets it apart? While we love walnut and want to highlight all of its good aspects, we like to provide a balanced view, so we also take a look at some of the perceived negatives.  If you are planning to buy walnut furniture, especially from the world of antiques, this article will provide some valuable insight.
Walnut is a straight-grained hardwood. It is well known for its characteristic dark colour which ranges from chocolate brown, when the wood is from the centre of the tree, to a yellow tone when the wood is from the outer portion of the tree. Walnut often has attractive grain patterns which make for a distinctive feature when it comes to furniture.
As a strong and dense material, walnut wood is highly desired for expensive carpentry and furniture as it can be intricately carved. It is therefore a popular choice for ornate antique dining tables, headboards, and mantels etc. Walnut is also highly resistant to wear and tear and even antique walnut tables seem to be in their prime and sturdy on their feet. Besides, it also stains well and polishes beautifully.
There are, however, a small number of drawbacks when it comes to walnut. Some people aren’t fans of the variation from dark to light that some walnut furniture pieces might feature. Also, walnut is a very heavy wood type and furniture, especially antique pieces, can be quite heavy. Additional concern to location and placement may be required as the wood can experience some degrees of bleaching if exposed to the sun. Lastly, walnut is on the costlier side compared to many other different wood types.
There are certainly many things to consider, but on the whole walnut makes attractive furniture with many amazing qualities that will last you a long time. Have a look at our selection of antique walnut tables to see for yourselves how gorgeous these pieces can be!