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Tips on Choosing Extending Farmhouse Tables

Posted on August 23, 2022

The farmhouse style is a well talked about subject and a contemporary favourite considering its easy-going vibe. It is a style that offers a wonderfully surprising balance between elegance and simplicity, making it a great fit for contemporary decor themes. Not only does it offer a sense of cosiness, but pieces in the farmhouse style are also quite versatile and can be paired up well with different seating options.
Now if you are particularly interested in getting an extending farmhouse table for your home, here are a few things to keep in mind. As is the case with any extending table, you first need to measurethe space in which you will be putting it. The space needs to be measured to ensure it has sufficient room for the table while extended and compact. If there isn’t any space to move around or adjust chairs around it, the entire idea of the extending table may be wasted.
One of the easiest ways of visualising a table in your home is by arranging newspapers covering the actual size of the table on the floor. This will give you a fair idea of the space that it will occupy. For an extending table you can try out both, theextended version as well as the tucked in version.
Extending dining tables usually come in three forms:
1. The draw leaf type where the leaf slides out from under the table top
2. The drop leaf type where the table flap drops down when not in use
3. Those whose flaps can be stored elsewhere when not in use
Extending tables are not just in rectangles. They are also available in round or oval form, especially the drop leaf ones.
Although farmhouse tables are in general a great fit in any house, it is important to find a piece that complements the look of your décor. This can even be in terms of the choice of wood such as mahogany, oak, walnut, elm, pine etc., as each type has its own personality.
Since it is antique tables you are looking at there are other things to consider like whether the dealer is genuine, the condition of the table, whether it has undergone any restoration work or had any alterations, as well as the value of the table.
If you are searching for a good extending farmhouse table, have a look at our collection at Antique Tables. We have a wide variety available and are confident you’ll find the perfect table in our collection.