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Tips for Choosing Antique Oak Tables

Posted on June 28, 2017

Oak antique tables are quite versatile in terms of colour. The shades available range from warm honey through a shiny reddish hue and a deep mellow brown tone ato a more typical darker tone. The lighter tones are well suited  for more casual environments while the darker tones suit the formal and more traditional themes.
Authenticity is very important and it is important that you buy from a genuine dealer. Some might mislead you with oak veneer or other wood option withoout you realising. Take your time to research well before selecting your source and finally purchasing your piece.
Restoration is an important part of antiques. This can affect the value of the antiques either way.  You should hence be very vigilant when it comes to restoration.
Oak furniture is quite heavy as it is made of solid wood thus also making it strong and durable. So ease of transporting the furniture piece to your home also needs to be taken into consideration.

A nice example of a lighter oakantique  dining table is this Antique table pale oak. It is gorgeous with slightly tapered legs with a really good overhang. Very simple but loads of character.

Measurements :
H: 31in (78.7cm)
W: 35in (88.9cm)
L: 81.5in (207.0cm)

There are various other things that need to be kept in mind while choosing a table. Have a look at our previous posts for some tips to help you make a well informed decision. Browse online for our full selection of Antique Oak Tables.