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The True Essence of French Country Style

Posted on October 18, 2021

If there is one style capable of striking the perfect balance between elegant and rustic, it is the French Country style. It is not about perfectly polished charm but more so about traditional rustic and natural materials, often weathered, which is the true essence of French Country style.

When you think of French Country style, what comes to mind first is exposed wood-beamed ceilings, natural stone or wooden floors, stone fireplaces and the like. There is nothing that is prim and proper, just elements that are subtly distressed giving off a lived-in feel. Country style is all about warmth and ease, a comfortable place that will make you absolutely feel at home.
When you think of the colour palette, it usually leans towards neutral, but there are often splashes of colour in terms of accent pieces that add charm and character. Bright colour tones are a no-no. Instead, Country Stye is all about the soft, subtle, muted colours.

Furniture is far from being ornamental. It is all about simplistic elegance and furniture pieces featuring clean lines, made from natural material, is what sits well. Since comfort is the goal, seating is often cosy and plush. Fabrics include floral, striped and checked patterns that add a visual interest and colour to an otherwise understated country room. Accessories include bowls and baskets, pottery, hand metal accents and the like.

All in all, when it comes to French Country style, it is typically associated with homey, natural, cheery, charming, weathered, comfortable, warm and inviting properties. There is a whole lot of floral and plaid patterns, accents made out of wire mesh or wrought iron mesh, antique and vintage artefacts, stone or brick fireplaces, old world seating such as Windsor or ladder-back chairs, antique farmhouse tables and the like that catch the true essence of Country style.