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The advantages of large antique dining table

Posted on July 08, 2018

Large antique dining tables or farmhouse tables are often incorporated in contemporary decor. Antique farmhouse tables are simple with clean lines without any embellishments. These were used for the most mundane of the purposes and were built out of necessity. These days the large antique tables are put to versatile uses in the modern homes. The saying ‘sometimes less is more’ holds absolutely true for these tables in most of the cases. These are used as a place to gather and dine during large family gatherings or while entertaining friends at home. These also work very well for other functional uses such as for baking, studying and even used in the modern kitchens as work surfaces. Their functionality has made them one of the most loved pieces of furniture in a home.
Large antique tables are sturdy and durable and fairly easy to maintain. The bumps and bruises on the tables only add to their rustic appeal. So even if you land up adding to the marks of use, it will just add to its worn out appeal. Hence putting these tables to regular use is an attractive proposition These tables are available in different choices of wood like elm, walnut, oak, pine etc. The natural shades of the wood add to their rustic appeal. Since these are usually quite simple in appearance these suit the contemporary decor very well. Their minimalist appearance allows you to experiment with the overall theme. You can pair modern or antique chairs with these tables easily. No matter what you choose it will usually land up looking good.

Extending antique farmhouse tables are another good option as they provide a practical solution to the problem of accommodating the occasional influx of many guests.

An exam[le of such is the Oak extending farmhouse table. This table extends on both ends. A comfortable 8 seater table and then can extend to seat 12 seater. Each leaf is 34" in length total length 147" Just over 12ft antique oak extending table. Lovely medium brown in colour with plenty of character and round legs. This table can be used with one side open and one side closed or both sides open.

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