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The advantages of a draw leaf table
The advantages of a draw leaf table

The drawleaf/extendable table and the dropleaf table are the best options when it comes to choosing a dining table with the flexibility to add those extra dining spaces when you have people over for dinner etc. A drawleaf table has pull out leaves, typically at either end, to provide 2 to 4 extra seating places whilst the drop-leaf is typically characterised by a fixed section at the centre and a bendable hinged section on both the sides that can be opened up to increase the seating space by maybe 5 to 6 paces. Having these extending dining tables in the dining area is the best option if there is any kind of space constraints or the area is also used for some other activity. In such spaces these draw leaf tables work amazingly well.

For people who are busy hosting parties but otherwise love the extra space can have these tables in their kitchen or dining as the flexibility is a great advantage. These tables are also quite sought after now days as they help in utilizing the space to the fullest… increasingly important as people are tending to live in smaller living spaces these days. There are a variety of options available when it comes to the designs from the sleek modern versions to the fine antique versions which come in rich colours and textures.


The modern versions include the iron framed and the glass topped tables while the antique ones are obviously of wood. The woods used are also of different kinds and these sturdy options lend a classic feel to your dining area. Moving these tables around is also relatively easy as more often than not, these are designed to be compact. Their versatile nature makes them the best options for small homes. These also look stylish and can be used in a number of ways.