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Rustic and Charming Wooden Benches

Posted on November 22, 2021

Antique farmhouse tables are versatile and work well in any kind of pair up. They go with antique chairs as well as modern ones owing to the fact that most of the tables feature clean and elegant lines. We particularly love pairing our antique farmhouse tables with benches though. What may not have been a very popular design choice in the past has become quite popular nowadays. Benches are fun and casual and can even be mixed with other types of seating. Having them in combination with your chairs is an excellent way to go, allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

Another benefit is their efficiency. They can be tucked under the table so are great when it comes to saving space. And if you wish to introduce a country feel to your space, benches promise a rustic charm like no other. We have a number of these in our collection. Here is a gorgeous pair of 19th Century Cherry farmhouse Benches. Simple, rustic and charming, this pair will work wonderfully well with a long farmhouse table. If you have a long dining table, we have this perfect long pair of benches to go with it. A pair of 18th Century long pine benches. Super sturdy and in a good colour and patina.

Head to our ‘Chairs and Benches’ section to have a look at our antique bench options. We often have antique benches in cherry, pine, chestnut etc. Browse through for more details and pictures. Benches with tables is not a very common idea and if you are not so sure about how the pair will look in your home, you can always go for our ‘Home View’ option to get an idea of how it will actually look.