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Oval Dining Table for a Contemporary Home

Posted on August 16, 2021

Who said that a good dining table should be square, round or rectangular? If you are amongst those who think that oval-shaped dining tables are way too passé, think again! A focus on increasing the ease of production led to the mass production of square and rectangular dining tables which is why they were a much more common occurrence in the home.

Visually, oval tables seem to occupy less space in comparison to rectangular ones because of the rounded corners. Although this typically results in a slightly smaller surface area, it does make it much easier to accommodate additional chairs. An oval table is your best bet if you are looking for a table for a narrower or smaller space. When an oval table is incorporated in such a space, the flow of movement is comparatively easier. Also, this shape gives off a softer aesthetic and brings in a casual vibe while continuing to be a traditional choice.

Oval tables can make a great addition to any home, bringing a sense of style to your dining area. Here is a fine-looking antique oval cherry farmhouse table that has recently become available. Great width and length, fabulous colour and patination are some very noteworthy attributes.

You can pair this with chairs in similar or contrasting colours, it will look fantastic either way. We have many more excellent pieces in our collection. Visit our website to browse all of our available options.