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How to Choose a Great Large Dining Table

Posted on March 02, 2017

How to Choose Great Large Dining Tables

Amongst the antique dining tables there is the option of a variety of wooods including mahogany, oak, walnut, elm, pine etc. These will help you achieve a traditional and homeley look. Large dining tables come in varying seating capacities anywhere from 8 to 16 or more. You also need to be clear about what shape you are looking for. Oval, round , square or rectangular as well as the extending options available.
Rectangular tables are amongst the most common choice since these are great both form and function wise.  The straight lines also offer a clean visual appeal. The round and the oval ones are more preferred in the small dining categories. But if these do not extend they usually do not offer a lot in terms of seating capacities. Nevertheless you can go for  non extenmding rounds and ovals with a seating capacity of around 8 which might be available amongst the antique versions.
Extending tables are your best bet if you prefer that extra space in your home when the added seating is not required. There are various versions of extending tables available to choose from like draw leaf or drop leaf.
While choosing the large dining tables the space available should also be considered. As a rule of the thumb it is always better to have a 3.5ft to 4ft distance between the edge of the tables and the adjoining walls. This makes it easier and gives you a decent amount of space to move around. If you have already set your eyes on a particular piece and are unsure of how much area it will take up, the best way to find out is by chalking the area with a bed sheet or table cloth. This will surely give you an idea of the space that will be taken up.
Once you are done with choosing your table, the next consideration is the chairs. For antiques you could always pair up with antiques from the same family or go with something modern and mix and match. Browse through the website to have a look at what we have in store for you.
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