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Going beyond the formal dining sets

Posted on August 03, 2014

Traditional tables with contemporary chairs or vice versa! Doesn’t it sound like an interesting pair? Any smartly incorporated contrasting element in the décor can stand out and even make a stunning display for that matter.
Experimenting with the different styles and mixing and matching is the trend of the current design era. So if you have already purchased a beautiful antique maybe you can think a little differently before impulsively investing into the uninspiring matching sets that, when you mix them, you may risk you bringing out nothing very interesting.

There are way too many examples of antique tables for instance that are clean and simple and usually fairly long. These are obviously almost always in different shades of browns and marrying these with contemporary chairs in bright colours or beautifully upholstered chairs will create a lasting pair. A dining table that is simple yet elegant will look so beautiful with plush velvet upholstered chairs even in subtle tones.
This mixing and matching will easily give your decor a dose of vibrancy and even that subtle grace easily setting the tone that you are looking for.