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French Farmhouse Tables for Kitchens

French Farmhouse Tables for Kitchens

Kitchen decor trends have evolved to a great extent over the years. The separate dining room concept is not in fashion and nowadays we see the kitchens becoming bigger to accommodate the habit of eating in or near the kitchen instead of in a formal dining room.  In addition many houses have adopted an open plan concept that often combines the kitchen and the eating areas.


In these modern style kitchens larger kitchen tables are appearing and with comfortable seating to accommodate the increased number of people eating in the kitchen. Families eat in these new areas. Kitchen supper parties are more in vogue than formal dinner parties. With this transition there is a big demand for the likes of French farmhouse tables and other refectory tables, for large round dining tables or extending dining tables.

There is a great variety of kitchen tables available at Antique Tables. The French farmhouse tables are often of French oak or fruitwood. The other table options include a good variety of lighter colour tables such as bleached or limed. Most of these tables enhance any kind of surrounding decor be it the current contemporary furnishings, decorative furniture or the more formal brown furniture of country furniture.
There are a number of options available for you to choose from. There are tables that are decorative and there are the ones that are decorative yet practical. The bleached oak double drawerleaf table for instance is an unusual piece which is extendable. It can seat up to 12 people comfortably when extended. The Elm Refectory Table with four drawers is also a good option as it gives you added storage space. The Burr Elm Country Tavern Table is an exceptionally rare option with beautiful textures and patina.

If your kitchen is your only dining area, you need to make sure that you create a space that is equally good for conversation and socializing. Square or round tables are good for the small get togethers while the larger ones are perfect for a larger number of people. These kitchen tables create an intimate eating space for friends and family.