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Find a collection of antique refectory tables

Posted on December 09, 2018

Refectory table by definition means a long narrow dining table that is supported by two trestles joined by a stretcher or set into a base.
With a refectory table you will typically find that the table legs are supported by circumferential stretchers that are positioned very close to the floor. These highly elongated tables were originally used for dining in monasteries during the Medieval times and later were commonly found in castles and other noble residencies.
In larger refectories which graced the dining rooms of monasteries or boarding schools, often several refectory tables would be placed together to accommodate more people. 
Refectory tables of old have always been in demand. These tables have a good seating capacity of around 8 to 10 on the shorter ones while the bigger ones can comfortably accommodate over 16 people.
Farmhouse tables are quite similar to the refectory tables but come without the stretchers.
If you are looking for a slightly more formal looking table compared to a farmhouse table, then a refectory table makes a great choice.
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