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Facts about Antique Trestle Tables

Posted on April 19, 2023

Trestle tables are one of the oldest styles of dining tables. They are spacious and stylish, allowing one more person to be seated on either side compared to regular leg tables. They have a table top separately attached to the seamless beam at the bottom.
Here are some facts about trestle tables:

They are legless
Trestle tables are legless in the sense that nobody has to be stuck because of the legs while dining around it. They are placed in such a way that they don't bother anyone. People sitting on the sides of the table don't need to worry about the legs either.

Excellent stability
The base of a trestle table is wider, which supports the entire weight of the table. There are fewer chances of it toppling over due to the stability owing to the base. It is easier to add extensions to the table, and yet it won't topple over since the base is quite wide.

Since the legs are inside the table and not at the corners, trestle tables can fit one more person at the end on either side of the table. It allows for more seating, and the design is in such a way that it makes people feel comfortable since the table is spacious enough.

Available in many different styles
Trestle tables are made in different designs and shapes, all of which are good enough and spacious. Some of these trestle tables can be used as buffet tables too.

Whichever shape and size you choose, investing in a trestle table is the best choice you can make. Decide which one fits your requirements and go get one for yourself now.