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Dutch Hoof 18th-Century Chairs For a Beautiful Dining Contrast

Posted on August 07, 2020

Are you interested to learn a great way to achieve a contrasting dining room look? An antique table and modern chairs are one such way - a trend that is seen in magazines and interior design. But how about doing things the other way round? Ever thought of pairing up your dining table with a beautiful set of antique chairs?
If you have a seemingly simple table, there is no better way of dressing it up than with a good set of classic chairs. Having contrast in your dining set that spans decades, will look classier than anything else in your decor!
We have a gorgeous set of rare Dutch fruitwood hoof chairs as a great example of what we mean. This impressive set from the 18th century has beautiful ornate details of the right proportions that give them an elegant look that can sit well in the contemporary decor. These chairs feature a back that is high with two curves and a carved shell at the top. The feet have simple details such as the outward curve typical of Dutch designs.
The main distinguishing characteristic of these chairs is the use of the cyma curve instead of straight lines in the design wherever possible and the introduction of the splat. These chairs have a unique appeal and will effortlessly elevate your dining when paired up with a relatively simple dining table. Impactful and practical all in one.
Check out the product listing page to have a look at this stunning set, including a video, which will give you a better idea about how this set looks.