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Create some magic with French antique benches and tables

Posted on December 10, 2019

Ever thought of pairing your dining table with a bench? It isn’t as crazy as it sounds - especially if you have a wooden dining table, that’s either modern or traditional!

So why use benches? Here are a few good reasons why they can provide a savvy seating option. 

1.    Do you have an open floor plan? Replacing a few or all of your chairs with benches will make your space appear clutter-free and spacious.
2.    Benches can be tucked in when not in use, increasing the openness of the area in question. This will make your dining room appear much bigger. When there are plenty of mouths to feed, with a bench, there is always space to squeeze in an extra diner.
3.    They also make a great balancing act. If you have an imposing-looking table that is the centre of attention, benches will really let the table shine.
4.    And if you can get your hands on benches with drawers, you’ve immediately found yourself some extra storage space, too. An added bonus!

At Antique Tables, UK, we have plenty of options. These wooden benches will  look really pretty in your kitchen or dining space. Why not pair them up with one of our French Farmhouse Tables. When it comes to benches, we set the benchmark! Browse through the stunning options we have in stock.