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Choosing The Perfect Antique Dining Table

Posted on May 03, 2017

Give a thought to your current decor as what you choose needs to complement your home and not look out of place. There has to be some kind of harmony between what is there and what you plan to bring in. Colours matter too. Antique tables come in a variety of wood options in different shades. Amongst the wood options you have mahogany, oak, walnut, elm, pine etc.
What kind of dining area do you have? Is it too formal or is it very casual? In case of dining tables, if you are looking at something casual the country tables are something you should be looking at. Solid oak tables on the other hand will allow you to achieve a more formal look.
What kind of seating capacities are you looking at? Dining tables come in varying seating capacities and can be anywhere from 4 to 16 or more.
What kind of dining table shape will suit your place? Shape options include oval, round, square or rectangular as well as the extending ones. The shape of your room and the available space is a determining factor as to what shape you can ideally incorporate. Rectangular tables are a common choice. The round and oval ones are well suited for small dining categories and with these adjusting a place or two is easier which isn’t possible in case of the rectangle or square ones.
If you want flexibility in terms of space and seating capacities, the extending dining tables are your best bet. There are various versions of extending tables available to choose from like draw leaf or drop leaf.
While choosing your dining tables, consider the space available. It is always ideal to have a 3.5ft to 4ft distance between the edge of the tables and the adjoining walls so as to ensure ease of movement around the table. Chalking the area with a bed sheet or table cloth will give you a fair idea of how much space a table will take up.
Pairing up your tables with the right dining chairs is important too. If you already have a set of chairs, you can always try to go for a table that will complement the chairs. Mixing and matching works in most of the cases and you can always try for it.
 We have a wonderful selection of antique dining tables in our showroom. The range iswide and will suit varied tastes and requirements. Browse through the antique tables website to have a look at what we have in store for you.