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Browse our collection of antique oak sideboards

Posted on October 06, 2018

Browse our collection of antique oak sideboards
Antique sideboards make a very functional and at the same time very unique and elegant feature in a modern home.
These were an important feature in traditional homes in the past. Sideboards were also known as servers as they were an important part of the dining room with their surface area providing enough space for placing the platters and serving dishes during a meal time.
Antique sideboards were also known as buffets and usually went against a wall in a dining room. Buffets were often waist high and offered an attractive solution both for storage and decoration.
Most examples come with good storage space that can serve a number of purposes in the modern home. Usually featuring a flat top that provides a good surface area along with drawers or cupboards at the bottom.
If you are looking for some classic examples, we have quite a few in our collection at Antique Tables UK. There are quite a few different designs to choose from as these were one of the most common items of furniture in the homes of the past, and hence there are a variety of designs and styles available.
Our sideboards will undoubtedly look great within a contemporary theme and are also great for function too. Visit us to have a look at our collection.