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Back from France with New Stock...

Just arrived back from France, Normandy, very difficult trip as it seems the whole of France on strike, have a new selection of antique tables onboard.  Have purchased the most stunning oval oak table with 9' long on tapered legs.  Will have to go through restoration workshop before appearing on web.  We have also amongst our stock purchased a very early 18th century rustic H stretcher refectory table in alder and oak.  We also have a small walnut side table with thick top and a cherry fruitwood desk were also part of the package.  All awaiting delivery and restoration.  Will keep you posted on progress. 

Unrestored page.

As you can see from our website we are now putting our unrestored stock of tables on so you can see what we have in stock.  We do not sell unrestored tables but it is always good to see what they look like before restoration.   20 Antique Tables on so far and another 20 to go.