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Antique Walnut Tables

Posted on February 27, 2023

Walnut was one of the most commonly-used timber for cabinets and tables in the early 1800s thanks to its strength and tensile power which allowed it to remain sturdy for a very long time.
Walnut is known for its distinctive colour and fine grained wood pieces. Each part of the walnut tree is used to make different parts of the furniture. While some parts were used for carvings and decorations, solid wood from the tree was mainly used for tables, chairs and cabinets. The walnut wood gave a faded honey colour that added to the beauty of the furniture.
Although antique walnut furniture was popular only for a few decades, there were some absolutely mesmerising pieces of furniture created during this period that are loved and used even today.
Walnut furniture was more than just decoration and functionality. It also served to show prestige and power in the early 18th century due to being more expensive in comparison to mahogany and other timber. This is because walnut was less easily available and much more difficult to carve into beautiful pieces of furniture. Only families of considerable power and social standing would have been likely to have walnut furniture back then.
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