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Antique Tables for a Minimalist Look

Posted on January 08, 2021

Are you a minimalist at heart? If your style preference leans towards minimalism, Antique Tables & Country Furniture has a selection of tables in store for you that will be a perfect fit for your minimalist home. A minimalist aesthetic in your dining room or kitchen can provide a simple yet elegant backdrop for you and your friends & family to enjoy mealtimes and other gatherings.

How will our range of furniture fit in with your preferred style? Grounded in minimalist furnishings, neutral colours, and simple accents, these are perfect examples of less is more and our collection of antique tables is just that. Less is more, featuring a beautiful aesthetic of the past through furniture pieces that have clean lines, earthy colours, and an aura full of elegance and character.

The minimalist design could be combining a wooden dining table with mid-century chairs or even benches or it may be a case of keeping everything neutral with the exception of a focal, textured rug with a captivating pattern. There are many ways to play around with this theme.

A staple of minimalist dining space, for instance, is a minimal dining table that features clean lines. Staying neutral is another essential and antique dining tables often feature light wood tones which will do all the talking.
Since minimalist dining rooms are clutter-free and frill-free, these spaces also feature minimalist furniture with strong lines instead of ornate designs.

Playing up the symmetry is essential for a perfect sense of balance as well as cohesiveness. A perfect example of this is a dining table with a sturdy base and a set of chairs that fit in snugly along with the table.
One of the most important elements is having natural materials and textures, which will ensure that the space isn’t flat and boring. Antique dining tables are all about a stunning patina and natural wood grains that work beautifully. Another popular design feature is the use of sharp lines and patterns instead of florals or ornamentation for a minimalist look.

Our collection of antique tables can help you achieve any type of minimalist decor theme you choose for your home. There are tables in all kinds of shapes and sizes along with chairs, benches and occasional tables too. Browse our website to view our available items and please get in touch if you see something you are interested in.