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Antique Tables as Kitchen Islands

Posted on December 17, 2021

A kitchen island is a true architectural focal point in any kitchen as well as a multi-functional element that does it all. From preparing meals and storing kitchenware to the perfect spot for your morning coffee and maybe even a night-time workspace, a practical and good-looking kitchen island can be hugely versatile and will typically become one of the most used areas in the house. From minimalist to extravagant to ones with a country charm, the idea behind the design keeps on evolving and there is no hard and fast rule as to how exactly a kitchen island should be!

Here at Antique Tables, we feel kitchen islands should be practical and beautiful and we simply love how our antique farmhouse tables fit into modern kitchens. Not only do these add character and substance, but can also act as an efficient and stylish bona fide island.

Tweaking it a little bit with say a workable surface will effortlessly turn it into a hardworking piece of furniture for your kitchen. One space where an antique table might lack is in height but this is something that can be fixed just as easily and creatively. You can always install accessories such as towel bars on the side or also add a shelf to the bottom for additional storage. Trust us, it just works!

Antique tables often have signs of use but these are all a part of the appeal. A well-worn look is what makes it stand out so embracing the imperfections is always good. Antique Tables stocks a beautiful variety of farmhouse, refectory and other kinds of large tables that will work wonderfully well as kitchen tables. All in their prime, you do not have to worry about wobbly feet or damaged corners. These tables will sit well in your space and do their functional as well as aesthetic job quite well. Visit us to have a look at the options.