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Antique rustic table just sold

Recently we sold a stunning wide rustic antique table to a lovely couple in Tisbury. They absolutely loved the table and thought the table looked stunning and was a perfect blend with everything else in their kitchen.

Almost all of the old and rustic farmhouse tables are simple yet elegant. Their worn down appearance give them a sense of character and style. No matter where you put them, these blend in fairly easily and enhance the feel of any room. For instance in a kitchen that is sleek and modern the antique table will be a welcome contrasting element that will define the place in a completely different manner.

These old rustic farmhouse tables go very well with the modern as well as the country style homes. If put up in the contemporary settings the rustic charm of the antique tables in contrast to the sleek elegance of the ultra modern décor and appliances ultimately create something spectacular.

This particular table that we recently sold looks stunning in this newly refurbished kitchen of the couple. A very comfortable family dining table.