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Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration

There is always the need to restore antique furniture.

Whether you want to revive a hidden or neglected piece of antique furniture or want to improve the functionality of a wobbly chair or table etc there is no shame in working on an antique to improve its functionality and its value should not be detracted as a consequence. Recently many items of furniture have been damaged by flooding and storms resulting in even more antique furniture requiring restoration.


Any restoration job needs to be done with utmost care. A badly done restoration job will fail to do complete justice to your piece of antique and will not be able to bring out its age old charm and may well reduce the value of the item.

At Antique Tables we are a team of professional antique restoration specialists who can restore your furniture to its prime condition. So whether you are restoring your antique furniture as it is just too weak and wobbly, or it has broken, or it was flooded out in the recent wet weather or it is any other kind of insurance claim, our specialists will do a great job with furniture restoration.