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An Antique Restoration Service – what’s it all about?

Posted on June 11, 2019

The basic idea behind restoration is to bring an antique piece of furniture back to its former glory. But this is a highly skilled process and can be fraught with problems, unless you know what you are doing. This also means retaining the bumps and bruises that add to the charm of the piece, giving it that distressed appeal.
Yet restorers often go way beyond what’s required and land up stripping the piece of its old world charm by overdoing the repainting, polishing or the installation of fixtures. Ideally, what should be done to the piece – so that it retains all the imperfections that gave the piece its authentic charm and distressed appeal - is to ensure that it is steady on its feet and patched up only where necessary. Otherwise, it could end up turning into a complete transformation of the original furniture. Not the intention!  
At Antique Tables, UK, we have a team of professionals who have a wide range of restoration experience - from museum pieces to stock sourced from international furniture dealers. Our highly trained craftsmen know exactly what to do with each piece to ensure its functionality is retained, whilst completely preserving the item’s characteristic, aged appeal.
Our services include Furniture Restoration, Traditional French Polishing, Hand Waxed Finishes, Bleaching, Lacquered Work and Repatination of antique furniture (that’s where the original finish has been lost for whatever reason, i.e. a previously bad restoration, water or fire damage, etc)
We also undertake Gilding Work, Cabinet Making, Marquetry, Carving, Woodturning, Clock Repair Service, Decorative Paint Finish, Oil Finishing, and provide a Replacement of Handles and Fittings Service.
If you have a piece of furniture that’s in need of restoration and a little TLC, you are in safe hands with Antique Tables. Feel free to get in touch with us!